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Malta (part 6)

Today was our last full day here in Malta, tomorrow we will be heading home, I can't believe the time has flown past so fast...

Any way being the last day we all decided that we would do our own thing; in the event Ian and the boys pretty much just popped to Valetta and then spent the rest of the day hanging round St Julians and the hotel, whilst I headed to the south coast, details of my day below... Ian bought a whole lot of nougat (local speciality), Chris bought a big flag of a Maltese Cross!

Ian and I had tea at the Blue Elephant Thai restaurant again, just as nice as last time... and this time they gave me an orchid at the end of the meal!

Now my day in photos:

I visited the Temple of Hagar Qim which is protected by a huge white tent!! - this is to protect it from the elements, which I'm sure is a good thing in the long run, but isn't particularly aesthetically pleasing! I have to admit that this is a pretty exposed spot...

Here are some of the treasures within the tent:

and one part of the temple out in the open

then it was down the long path to the second tent (the Temple of Mnajdra)

...and within

Then I walked down the road to Wied-iz-Zurrieq, seen here from the road

Down in the village I picked up a boat trip to the Blue Grotto:

and took a look at some caves:

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