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Returning resident's visas and the Dungeon

Yesterday morning we went to New Zealand House so that David and Matthew could renew their returning resident's visa. While they were there Chris and I went shopping at the New Zealand shop and spent far too much money!! - but we can now enjoy Twisties, Cameo Creams and Chocolate Fish!! We then wandered to Trafalgar Square, where they were take the Christmas tree down and the fountain was frozen solid, and we went for a coffee/hot choclate to warm up! Once the boys had finished we all went and had lunch at Pizza Hut. After lunch we decided to give the London Dungeon a go. This proved enjoyable, a vast improvement on the smelly, horrible experience we had there a few years back. David was tortured and I was attacked by Jack the Ripper! but the highlight of the tpour is probably the freefall drop at the end of the tour! After that we walked up to Liverpool Street Station where Ian, Matthew and Chris got new mobile phones. We went to Leicester Square in the evening where we watched Planet 51 and ate Burger King before returning to our hotel through the gently falling snow.


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