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Back at home

Yesterday Chris had his regular appointment at Alder Hey. We were due at clinic at 11am and left home at 9am by taxi. Actually although some roads remain very snowy and icy we had a very straightforward journey. Neither bloodtests nor clinic were particularly busy and all went smoothly. Chris left straight after clinic and headed for home (via the doughnut stall in Queen's Square), whilst I waited an extra hour for pharmacy to fill our prescription! I travelled home via bus and train, taking a quick look at a snowy Cathedral on the way!

Today I went to the funeral of the father of one of my friend's from Church. It was a lovely service and afterwards there was a function at the Manor House. It went really well and was as lovely an occasion as a funeral can be. Meanwhile the rest of the family were busy, Matthew popped round to Mum's place to put her decorations in the loft, before going for lunch with Stoff and heading back up to Lancaster. Chris went to have his haircut today and did some shopping at the Co-op while he was out. David put our Christmas decorations away in the garage. I too had to go go to the Co-op to buy a few bits and pieces for Mum, before going over to Liverpool to meet Ian off the train.

A few photos of snowy Bromborough and Bebington:


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Jan. 9th, 2010 10:33 am (UTC)
Lovely pics!

Glad the hospital trip was trouble free.

Funerals were on hold for a few days here as hearses couldn't negotiate side roads etc. Woodford, which is round the corner from us, was the coldest place in England about three nights running.
Jan. 9th, 2010 03:20 pm (UTC)
Yes I think you definitely have a lot more snow than us from all reports, but this is pretty extreme for Wirral!!
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