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Snow Days

On Saturday we mostly stayed at home, safe and warm staring out at the white world. I ventured as far as the post box, and took a look around, but that was it for the day... However we ate well, bacon and eggs for breakfast, homemade pizza for lunch and roast chicken for tea, not to mention pain chocolat for supper! Chris also managed to get some school work done ready for Monday.

This morning Ian and I both went to the morning service at Church, both trains and buses continue to run normally despite the poor conditions. While we were at church Chris went to the Co-op to buy some milk and bread for us and some milk and apples for Mum, (he also bought some croissants just for him!). He called in at Mum's place on his way back and arrived home just after us. We had steak and chips for lunch and all four of us went to church for the evening service. David and Chris both went to Stoff's place for toast and tea after the service. Earlier in the day the snow was starting to thaw, but there has been a fresh fall of snow this evening, so we shall have to see what the morning brings weatherwise
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