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More snow...

On Wednesday we woke up to fresh snow, and when Chris left the house he found that not only had it snowed overnight but it was still snowing. Despite this he made it safely to school and I was able to get to Little Fishes, where attendance was lower than usual, but some Mum's were very glad to get out after been stuck at home for days because of the weather!! And the world looked very pretty, yesterday's slush covered by pristine white snow again!

In the evening, with snow still falling, Chris set off to Bromborough for Bowling with the Life group and I went out to my housegroup.

Yesterday Chris had had another GCSE module, this time in Biology. He says it was easy, so hopefully he has done well. While he was busy with exams I made a trip to London for a meeting with Jubilate (the people I work for!) - that went well, though I was a little late because my train out of Chester was cancelled! I managed to sneak in half an hour at the British Museum before meeting up with Ian for tea. There was no evidence of snow in cental London so it was a bit of shock to be back in snow and ice when I got back. I got home just before bedtime.

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