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Busy weekend

On Friday we had a skip delivered so I have spent a lot of the weekend throwing out rubbish we had stored in our spare room, including boxes, old matresses, old cushions, an old tv and an old printer. Once all that lot was gone I got up into our roof space, the one in the spare room, and tidied up in there, it looks much better now. Ian also sorted out all his L.P.s in the spare room so that looks better too. Having got into the mood for tidying, I then set to work in the space under the stairs which had been neglected for some time due to the fact a large box had been stored there. Well the box is gone now and between us Ian, David and I have rendered the floor clean and visible again. However this exercise convinced me that we really needed a new hoover as our current model struggled with the task. I also did a large amount of of dusting on our lower floor. Then Ian and decided to have a curry to celebrate all our work, half way through our curry, Matthew told us that the washing machine had stopped midcycle and he couldn't make it go. So an hour later after playing in soapy, slightly dirty we concluded that the washing machine has had it, just when I thought we had everything sorted!
In other news, Matthew stayed at Scott's house on Friday night, Chris went to Shaun's birthday party on Saturday afternoon and we started a new programme about Joseph at Kidzstuff. It looks all set to be another exceptionally busy week, but we'll see.
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