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It would seem I have left some of my LJ friends a little confused as to where I am and what I'm doing... Apologies, as always, I post on LJ in the holidays, when I have plenty of time and lots to share, but as soon as term starts I run out of time, energy and motivation!

Any way a quick summary of the last week and a half, to catch everybody up:
On Friday (9th April) we flew bacCk from Iceland, and from London David headed straight to our Churches youth camp at Bala in Wales while the rest of us headed for home in a more leisurely fashion.
On Sunday David was back from Camp and that same evening he travelled across to Sheffield ready for the start of term the following day. On Monday Chris was back at school and I was back into my usual schedule of meetings etc.
On Wednesday we were at Alder Hey for a regular clinic appointment where all went well, if a little slowly.
On Thursday I travelled down to London for a business meeting with the Jubilate Group and managed to have tea with Ian at a nice little vegetarian Indian restaurant before returning home. It was on this day that the volcano induced airline chaos began!!
On Friday afternoon I went to Birmingham where I again met up with Ian, this time to go to a concert in Birningham Town Hall, to see a band called The Enid who we hadn't seen for about twenty years... they were remarkably unchanged!
We stayed overnight at the Hilton in Bromsgrove close to Birmingham and then travelled up the country by train the following morning arriving home about midday. Later in the same afternoon the whole family set off to Lancaster for Matthew to go back for the beginning of term there.
We all returned safely home, and today is an ordinary Sunday, Ian preached at the morning serviCe and we had lunch at The Chronicle after. Soon we will be going out for the evening service and then another busy week will begin!!

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