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Busy, busy, busy.

Last weekend we bought a new washing machine and tumbler which were delivered on Friday, in the meantime I moved out the old washing and tumbler and gave the laundry a complete clean out. It was a horrible job especially behind the tumble drier but it felt good once it was done and it's great to have appliances which work properly! We are still waiting for the computer desk which we ordered the weekend before to arrive, and I'm getting a little impatient now! Yesterday we bought a large mat to cover the worst of the worn carpet in our living room, but our cats seem to think that we've bought it as a new scratching post for them! Other highlights of the last week include a very pleasant trip with the junior classes to Staglands and on Friday supervising the examination of a mock crime scene at GKP including doing some forensic tests on the evidence up at Ag Research in Wallaceville. Yesterday afternoon we had a youth leaders meeting at Raewyn's house and after that I made an amazing coat for our Kidzstuff Joseph programme. I also made a visual display of Egypt and one for the memory verses. Today we had church and Kidzstuff, now David is at archery and I need to go shopping because Beverley, Dallas and Stuart are coming for tea.