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It's all over!

It's been a mad week at school so far, the children all seem to be be falling to pieces, behaviour wise. Maybe it's because this is our end of year testing week and that changes some of the usual routines or maybe the children are stressed (I don't think that's right!). David and Matthew are looking forward to school exams next week, well maybe that gives the wrong impression, perhaps I should have said they are preparing for exams next week! Yesterday the boys finished early because it was senior prize giving at Taita last night. Chris has got his year 6 camp next week so he is starting to pack. We had a meeting at the marae yesterday afternoon to discuss what we are going to do next year with the money that is available to the Valley as a result of the merger, this was quite interesting but the time frame is a little short for good decision making.
It seems like Bush has won the presidential election so he's back for another 4 years, which I think is a shame, not that I'm convinced that Kerry would have been much better.
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