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A good weekend so far

I had a great day yesterday, I spent the day up at GKP where we had an interesting time. I especially enjoyed unwrapping the crime scene we investigated last week, and the ensuing court case which we staged. I was playing the part of the defendant, Ann and had heaps of fun doing so! After school David had a violin lessson then we drove to Waterloo station in Lower Hutt and caught a train into Wellington, where we met up with Ian. After a quick tea we went down to the waterfront, where we were delighted by a marvellous fireworks display over the harbour. The weather was drizzly and grey but that didn't matter much once the glorious colours filled the sky, and the whizzes, bangs and pops filled the air. We then caught the train back to Waterloo and drove home.
Today we went shopping in Lower Hutt and bought David a warm jacket and some trainers for every one in the family except me! We then popped to Upper Hutt where our computer desk had finally arrived in stock. I had another meeting to plan next weekend's camp, which went quite smoothly.
Now all I need to do is create a timeline, finish some worksheets and assemble the computer table before bedtime! So I suppose i better get going.
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