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Matthew stayed with Scott on Saturday night, and was dropped off to church on Sunday morning. Kidzstuff was a bit mixed, we were lacking quite a lot of equipment because somehow it had been taken out of the box where Raewyn stores it. As a result we had a late and somewhat confused start to the morning though the rest of the programme ran well, despite a number of glitches. After church all three boys went to the Moore's to play Axis and Allies with Stuart. Ian and I gave Ryan a ride home from church. Then we went to Upper Hutt where we bought a new torch and some clothes pegs. We also bought some rechargeable batteries for the digital camera. We built the new computer table when we arrived home, well I did the first part of it and David finished it when he got home while Ian and I went grocery shopping. After tea we changed the computer onto the new table, this proved more frustrating than building it, but it looks good now it's done. We didn't do much in the evening, I wasted lots of time playing a game on the computer!
This morning Chris is up bright and early, already dressed and packed and ready to go to camp and obviously very excited!
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