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This morning I have many questions, not least of which is why our neighbour decided to hose down the whole house at 6am today! In addition why don't they understand exams here? The college in their wisdom have split most of the exams over several days, told the kids exactly what's covered in each paper in advance and run out of time so collected in the papers unfinished telling the kids that they will have time to finish it later during the the next scheduled exam session! What's more David's exams have been postponed today because he and a small group of students have been selected to attend the arrival of the unknown warrior at parliament in Wellington today!
The camp people managed to get over to Kapiti Island yesterday which is good news because some years the weather has pevented them from making this trip. It seems strange here and at school without Chris, but I'm sure he's having a great time.
School was reasonably quiet yesterday, I had lunch with Sandra after I finished my lunch time duty. In the evening I had a Board Meeting which went on quite late.