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So much has happened

It's not really very long since I last wrote an entry in LJ but a lot has happened in that time. On Thursday I went up to El Rancho in Waikenae to visit the year 6's on camp, and mainly to see the camp concert in the evening. The standard of the items was a little disappointing compared with other years I have seen it but there was a funny staff item and Chris sang a solo of Crusader (Chris de Burgh) and managed to persuade three of his friends to act it out! This was easily the most impressive item in the show and I felt very proud of Chris!
On Friday I took four girls from GKP to a business week trip to Simpson Grierson, a big law firm in town. It was very pleasant. The company is situated on the 24th floor of the HSBC tower and the views from up there are spectacular. They had put on a mini conference for the girls complete with folders containg paper, pens, a programme for the day, information about the company and cool star shaped lollipops! Activities included a powerpoint presentation, a video conference, yummy morning tea, a tour of the building and playing a negotiation game.
For information about the weekend see my next entry.
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