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Meetings and pizza

Life is carrying on in a busy but unspectacular fashion. School is busy and the kids are all going a bit crazy, I think it must be the time of year! Yesterday after school I had study centre, then the boys had piano lessons, straight after that Ian dropped me at Kamahi School hall for a merger meeting and took the boys up to youth group. The turnout for the merger meeting was extremely disappointing with staff and board members being the majority in attendance. Today wasn't much better, after study centre I had to go to Lower Hutt to take David to his violin exam. He seems to feel that it went okay, but we'll have to wait and see!
After that I took Matthew's friend Imad home and we picked up some pizza on the way home in anticipation of me having to go out to a meeting. In the event my meeting was conducted over the phone, but by then we'd already bought the pizza. Later Ian arrived home, he'd bought a pizza too, so now we're all pizza filled and soon we'll be going to bed. At the moment Ian is on the phone fixing a problem with our Saturn decoder, its just started working so I guess they must have found the problem, so that's good I guess, goodnight!
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