Viv (vivh) wrote,

Two days

Tuesday was pretty quiet, with lots of tidying and church sitting in the afternoon. I did some grocery shopping after we finished at church and in the evening we watched the first part of Dinotopia.
We were up early on Wednesday morning. I dropped the boys round to Sandra's just after 7am and then came home. Ian Carson picked me up at 7.45 am and then we went over to Waikanae for our Strategic Planning day with John McLennan. It took place at his home, a beautiful, spacious house with a splendid view of Kapiti Island. His wife catered for the day and the food was beautiful, especially the kumara and coriander soup! It was a reasonably productive day and the end product is almost within sight now!
We got home at 6pm and I had a peaceful evening finishing a pyramid and building a tomb for a pharaoh, before watching a little tv and retiring to bed. This morming it seems very strange here without all the noise of the boys, not unpleasant though! Soon I'll do a bit of housework and thenm I'll head off to Sandra's. First I think I'll have some breakfast.
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