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The GKP reunion was fun, it was really interesting to see everyone a year on. Some had changed a lot, others scarcely at all. Some of them, including Matthew, decided to go and see a movie afterwards, which they seemed to enjoy. In the evening Robyn gave me a ride to Barbara's place where we had drinks and nibbles including some delicious dimsun which Khin had made. After that we all went a restaurant in Petone where we had a very nice meal. I had a very tender steak with potatoes, onions and salad followed by a dessert which was a banana in a pastry boat with caramel sauce and ice cream. It was a very pleasant evening out, though peoples' reactions to their new jobs or lack of new jobs were quite varied!
This morning it was church as usual, though given yesterday's news it was rather a sombre affair as there were few people present this morning who were not affected at some level. A large group of us went round to Marcelina's house following the service, it was so sad to see her now, when only a week ago we were all at camp together.
After that we went into Upper Hutt to do some Christmas shopping, and then it was off to the airport to pick up Ian off his flight from Auckland. The boys are already in bed and don't think we'll be far behind, it's been a long weekend and we have a busy week ahead of us.
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