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The weekend again

On Thursday the junior department decided to take all the 5 and 6 year olds on a walk down Stokes Valley to see the first school house in Stokes Valley. This was an interesting exercise, though the two children I was closest to, were not in the least interested in the history of the school house, but were totally fascinated by a piece of gold paper which lay crumpled beneath the step of the school house and which was reflecting the suns rays like a flashing light!
On Friday I spent the day down at Stokes Valley community hall at the GKP Spanish Fiesta Day. The day went quite smoothly and I spent the morning running a workshop where groups had to create two Spanish costumes using card and crepe paper. Other workshops included dance, art, food, pinatas and maracas. In the afternoon we had a short concert including some great flamenco dancers who really impressed me. It was all great fun! Cleaning up and loading all the gear back in the car wasn't so pleasant especially as it chose to pour with rain whilst we were doing this.
In the evening we had youth group. This was inevitably quite a subdued affair, but it was a beginning of people starting to move on from the events surrounding Marcelina's death.
Today we had a meeting at Raewyn's place to plan the children's pageant at church, which involved some lively debate but was altogether quite productive. This was followed by a barbecue and some youth leader training up at the church hall.
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