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Another busy day!

Yesterday, after a bit of housework, I went round to jointhe boys at Sandra's house, where I had a really stressful day, lying in the spa, drinking coffee and chatting!Meanwhile the boys played on theNintendo and the computer and generally ran round playing. I filled the car up with petrol on the way home and then we bought fish and chips for tea. In the evening we all watched the final part of Dinotopia and I started writing Christmas cards. I wrote all the cards to go overseas and addressed a number of the envelopes. Now we only need to write our Christmas letter and buy the stamps,then there's all that licking! Oh well there's still plenty time I suppose.


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Sep. 27th, 2002 01:09 pm (UTC)
Christmas Cards!
I am so impressed! Christmas cards before we are even into October. I've still not sent last years cards out. Maybe this year I'll be a little more organised. I hope you manage another photo of the boys too, I always enjoy seeing how well they are doing.
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