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A long day!

Yesterday was a quite peaceful day at school, with a lot of children away sick or tired, or possibly just sick and tired of school! After school I stayed behind until after 5 o'clock helping to make the Stokes Valley Taniwha. He's nearly finished now and is looking magnificent, only two more taniwha to go! After that I popped to the shops in search of presents. Then it was home for a quick but tasty tea. Next I went to Upper Hutt for a Toastmasters meeting, where there were 4 very good speeches, which I enjoyed but I needed to leave as soon as I'd finished my evaluation.
After that I went round to Raewyn's place where Stuart hasd just finished writing the script for the Christmas pageant. We typed up the script and printed it. This was not a quick process and it was 12.45am by the time I staggered back into my somnolent house, greeted only by a cold cup of coffee, which had been left out for me by Ian when he departed to bed at a civil hour, several hours earlier! Still a microwave soon fixed the coffee, but I was too tired to care.