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Tuesday was a very ordinary sort of day. Some of the younger children were very off the wall in terms of behaviour, some of them are just so tired they really aren't coping any more.It was Chris and Jacob's last week at GKP for this year and they seemed to have a good day, I popped into see Tiara to say thanks at the end of the day. I had lunch with Sandra which was an oasis of calm in a busy day. After I dropped Chris home, I went back up to SVS to join the production team making taniwhas. Yesterday we finished the Stokes Valley taniwha and started work on the Koraunui taniwha, they are looking magnificent, but we ran out of green paint so we couldn't finish the head. Later I drove up to the Warehouse in Upper Hutt, before picking Ian and some pizza up from Taita. It was a quiet evening, watching Star Trek, but I was too tired to really appreciate it. Today Chris has a patrollers pool party, and tomorrow we have a flower show at school, and of course we still have some taniwhas to finish!
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