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The end of another week

Yesterday was an interesting day at school. We started with the flower show which is always fun and leaves a wonderful scent all around the school for the next few weeks! There were some lovely creations, and some very inventive vegetable sculptures. Chris won a gold prize for his vegetable man which was really very cute!
Then it was the last day of junior reading followed by a sumptious lunch provided Anne Marshall with assistance from Robyn and Khin. Khins' wantons and spring rolls were especially delicious as was the brown rice salad.
After that I went over to GKP to see Thursday class and ended up participating in the balloon olympics, which was fun! Following that I returned to SVS for further taniwha creation.
We had a roast for tea and then a long leisurely evening. Ian got home at 11.30pm following his work Christmas party.
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