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End of college

Friday was a lovely day, very peaceful and relaxing. I spent most of the day up at GKP, which felt quite strange because, due to a school camp and an EOTC week, there were only five students present. So it was a very laidback and we all went to KFC for lunch. We tidied the room in the afternoon and played balloon games, accompanied by lots of chocolate and marshmallows! As you cvan see we were really concentrating on healthy food! At the end Deb gave me a christmas present including a lovely mirror, and I gave her a present too. It was quite late by the time I left so I came straight home rather than going up to SVS as I had planned. The boys finished college yesterday and we got their reports. They were good reports, especially Davids.
In the evening I went to youth where we were having our end of year service. It too was a lovely relaxed affair with heaps of families attending. This time it really felt like a service with some great worship led by Kolina.
Today we have the Stokes Valley Christmas parade when our taniwhas come to life, and in the afternoon we will be going up to chuch to start filming the flashback scenes from our Christmas pageant.
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