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The weekend

The weekend has been exceptionally busy. The action started with the Stokes Valley Christmas Parade which went very well, with our taniwhas looking magnificent. The weather was glorious and there was a great atmosphere there. For pictures of this event see ringbark's journal.
After that the boys and I went up to the church hall to start filming for the KidzStuff presentation.This proved to take ages and to be very frustrating. We were there for more than three hours and only just got home in time for the boys to go to paintball at 6pm.
Sunday morning dawned grey, windy and rainy and continued that way until after bedtime. We had KidzStuff in the morning and then stayed there after lunch to do more filming . We were there until after 5pm, bang goes my weekend and all the things I was hoping to achieve, oh well there's always today!
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