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David up and away

Well the end of Stokes Valley School passed in a blare of good food, busyness and exhaustion. The last few days were incredibly busy, quite emotional and felt like one none stop celebration with the occasional wisp of sadness penetrating the merriment. Next week the staff are back to plan what's happening next year but the children are not! The property side of things still is very uncertain, the ministry have now thrown the site decision for the new school back to the Board of Trustees after refusing to do anything about this for so long. That means there will be more consultations and meetings in the next few weeks as the final decision will need to be made before Christmas.
Last night I went out to the GKP Leavers dinner at Valentine's, which just seemed to fly by. Today David went out and did a clowning job at the Reading cinema and this afternoon we had practice for the Christmas pageant at church and then it was off to the airport to see David off on his big trip.The last we heard he was safely in Auckland and all set to catch his next flight so the next time we hear from him he will be in L.A. or London I suppose.
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