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Been and gone

Well here we are, Christmas has been and gone, and we've had a couple of very lazy days. We went to the midnight service on Christmas Eve, which was lovely apart the moment when the lady sitting in front of us set fire to her carol sheet with the candle she was holding! No really it was a lovely service I think Midnight is probably one of my favourite services all year. We didn't get home till late and of course we were up early the following day opening our stocking presents before heading back off to church for the Christmas Day service where Ian was doing a reading from Isaiah. Then it was back home again to open the rest of the presents and to have lunch, (which I actually managed to have ready at lunch time this year rather than midafternoon like it has been other years!).
The rest of the day just drifted by as the time after Christmas lunch is wont to do. We were up early again yesterday to go to a communion service at 9am followed by Brunch and then more worship. Ian and I tidied the bedroom and sorted out a whole lot of laundry in the afternoon.
Today looks all set to be the laziest day yet, it's already lunch time and nothing has really happened yet. We have read all the reports about the devastating earthquake in Asia. I hope the two families we know who are currently in Sri Lanka are alright, but it sounds as though so many people have just be swept away.
Meanwhile we hear that England is having a white Christmas, though today has actually dawned clear, sunny and Summer like at last.
I better go and do some work.
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