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Wellington on a good day

Yesterday was a lovely day, it started with breakfast at Leuven, where we all ate a ridiculous amount of lovely food. Then we had a leisurely wander through central Wellington along Willis Street and Cuba Mall,which was very pleasant, busy but relaxed, a real holiday atmosphere. I really ought to spend more time in central Wellington, but during term time it just doesn't happen. Our stroll finished at the Reading cinema complex. We went to see the Incredibles, which was a movie I really wasn't at all keen to see, but it turned out to be quite amusing and not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. While we were there we all had Copenhagen ice cream which was rather decadent.
After that we had aquiet evening at home doing not very much!
Today the weather is very pleasant again, and I'm sure we'll go out and do something when we get around to it! I wonder where we'll go.
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