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Back in Vanuatu

It's lovely to be back in Vila again, with the warm sunshine, the relaxed atmosphere and lovely friendly people. I had forgotten how slowly life moves here, a timely reminder of how rushed my life is at home and how little patience I have! We've eaten lots of good food including some heavenly poulet fish out at Hideaway Island yesterday. We spent nearly the whole day out there swimming and snorkelling, it was amazing and even though I didn't go out very far I saw an amazing variety and number of beautiful tropical fish. Today we have been on an underwater boat, where we again saw some dazzling sealife. The boys have spent every available minute in the hotel swimming pool, which is lovely and just the right temperature! Tomorrow we're going on a jetboat round the harbour and later in the day we'll go and feed some sharks! On Sunday we'll be catching up with some people we used to know when we lived here. That's all for now, I'll write again soon.
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