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Nearly time to go.

It's nearly the end of our time in Vanuatu, we've had such a lovely time. Highlights for me were the walk upto the Cascade waterfalls near Mele which are truly beautiful, almost magical, hidden as they are high up in the bush and the trip round the island yesterday, which brought back so many memories of all the trips we've had before, as well as some new ones. One new experience was being rowed through a mangrove swamp to see a crashed WWII plane on the reef. One sadness was that a favourite haunt of ours has closed because a new main road means that the tourists bypass this lovely place and it no longer gets any passing trade :( But mostly our time here has been joyful and relaxed, enough good memories to last me a year, I hope!
We haven't been able to come on line as often as we would like because the satellite which serves this place got knocked out, that meant no overseas websites, no overseas telephone calls, no overseas credit cards would work, so for a while we couldn't get any money or communicate with any one outside Vanuatu, but we coped and they've obviously fixed up some sort of link by now.
Oh well I could keep writing for ages but it's 20 vatu per minute here, so I better be brief, so ale tata lukim yu olgeta.
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