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Home at last

Well here we are, home again. The house is fine and all three cats are looking fit and healthy. But the holidays are definitely coming very close to an end and there is just so much to do before school goes back. I need to buy black shoes for all three boys, all the stationery for the year and some new school uniform for Chris who will be starting at Intermediate this year. In addition the older boys need their school uniforms dry cleaned before term starts, not to mention all the jobs around the house that just have to be done before I return to school!
Still I do feel like I've got lots of energy so I will try and get as much accomplished as I can while the feeling lasts! I've already unpacked the cases and two washes have been done!
Tomorrow's supposed to be a holiday, but I'm hoping to get lots of work done but I'm not sure that my family share my aspirations, I think that they are too busy enjoying a reunion with the computers but we will see!!
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