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Busy Day

Well despite a relatively late start, I managed to achieve quite a lot today, we went to Lower Hutt where we bought three pairs of black school shoes, (I can't believe that David takes size 11's now, they are so enormous) We also finished buying all the school stationery, so I'm now in the middle of covering all the books with Duraseal, absolutely my favourite job! This year we've got metallic blue and red and holographic bronze, with the usual array of bubbles and creases as a result of my incompetence!
I also managed to get quite a lot of tidying done downstairs in the office, but I had to stop because it was too dark in there and I needed to replace the lightbulb. I bought a new one this afternoon, so I guess I'll be able to finish that job tomorrow!(Yippee!)
Still overall it was quite a productive day and I've even managed to get straight in my head which day everyone is due back at school, so that's good I suppose. Now we're watching the first ever episode of Star Trek which was never broadcast, frankly I'm not surprised and I don't think it was any great loss, oh well!
We might try to have an earlyish night tonight as Ian is back at work in the morning, but who knows!
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