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Back to work

I've just dropped Ringbark and the two older boys at the station to catch a train into Wellington. The boys are are taking their school uniforms to be dry cleaned and they are hoping that there is a parcel in our PO Box in town for them to collect! I will pick them up later at Waterloo because I need to go down that way to buy a bus card for Chris to use. I also want to get all my holiday pics developed so I will drop them in to the pharmacy today, (I've got 5 films worth so hopefully there will be some good pictures amongst them!)
Today might be the day I go and buy some school uniform for Chris, we've still got a lot of Intermediate uniform left over from the other two boys but I think he deserves to have a few new items to start there, particularly the sweatshirt because the ones we've got are looking very tired!
Well I've only got 6 exercise books left to Duraseal and that will be over for another year, though I need to go and buy some new book labels because I haven't got many left.
So on with the day, shall I tidy the office or do the washing? Maybe I'll just have another cup of coffee before I start!
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