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The Office

I still haven't finished sorting out the office and I'm really going to have to do it today. The problem is that the room we call the office is really a glorified cupboard with no space, no windows and a musty sort of smell that comes from all the books and papers we store in there.It's not a pleasant place to spend time but I do need to sort all the things we store in there from time to time so I'm just going to have to be brave!!
Organisation for "back to school" is continuing apace, apparently we need to buy two new lunch boxes, I'm really worried about the lunchbox "which is in my locker at school, don't worry there's nothing in it" (visions of slime and mould)
Plans for today include a haircut for David, fixing the kitchen cupboard and putting Duraseal on the last 3 books! Isn't my life exciting? Still I might find some time to read a book or two and catch up with my friend Sandra, I hope so!
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