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What a day!!

Today started with a phone call to Ringbark's cousin and the necessity to make the decision whether now was the right time for him to travel back to England to see his mother who is currently very sick in hospital apparently suffering from kidney failure among other assorted maladies. I told him he should go, even though I don't really want him to be away just now, when so many other things are changing in my life. So this evening the boys and I travelled over to the airport, to deliver Ringbark's suitcase to him and to say farewell to him.
Earlier in the day it was my first day back at school. It was good to see everyone again at school but with the beginning of our merged school there are many new collegues to get to know and work alongside, as well as lots of new children to get to know. There is lots to look forward to but in the meantime there is a sense of loss for all that has gone, our old school is finished, now we are walking a new path and the direction ahead is not altogether clear. We had a staff meeting at 11am when we received lots of information to get us through the first few weeks. My roles won't really kick into action next week, study centre won't start operating until week 2 and there is a lot to sort out before then in terms of how we are going to operate before then. My ESOL work won't start until week three, until then I will be working different hours and with different children. The hours I've been scheduled for are late morning and all afternoon every day with a year 3/4 group, this was not really what I was expecting, since I normally work mornings and a couple of afternoons, Monday to Thursday and have other informal commitments on Fridays. As this is only for two weeks I will live with it, but I'm not altogether thrilled, especially as I had hoped to be able to work some hours with the new staff who have a large number of ESOL children in their classes, and indeed to spend some time with the children to develop my relationship with them.
After lunch we had our first assembly which was hot and crowded, but relatively short and sweet. After that everyone was split up into their classes and went to their classrooms to get to know their new teachers. The group I joined with had a pleasant session before it was time to go home.
After our trip to the airport we bought pizza on the way home and then I dropped Matthew at his friend's place where he is sleeping over. An hour of eating and drinking junk seems to have revived my mood a little, but I'm not sure if this will be a long term effect!
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