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Yesterday I went to church. I thought I was just doing prayers and that David and Matthew were part of a dramatised reading. I ended up doing the overhead projector because Andrew Rowney is on holiday. I also found out that Older Kidzstuff was on Hot bread Tidy! As David and Matthew were the only members of okstuff present that meant it was basically down to us - so much for my plans to leave early! After church I went grocery shopping and then, after we'd tidied the living room, we had a game of Risk. It was a long, exciting and well contested game, which I won and in which nobody screamed or cried when they were losing! We had to pause the game in the middle when Sandra and Mike came round to do writing but that worked okay.
We had fish fillets and hash browns for tea followed by Crunchie icecream. We had hotcakes, bacon and omlettes for breakfast today, soon we'll be going round to Sandra's house.
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