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The first few days back at school seem to be going well with most of the classes seeming happy and settled at this stage. My time in room 9 is quite relaxed and not as stressful as I thought it might be so I'm really very happy. The boys all seem to have had a smooth start to their year at school and to be happy with their class placements so that's all good.
Things seem to be going as well as could be expected for Ringbark in England. I received a sympathy card at school today and arrived home to find a courier with a large bunch of flowers standing on my doorstep, which turned out to be from Ian's workplace. I also came home to a lovely bunch of flowers and a beautiful card which made me cry, from my friend Sandra after my meeting last night. It's so nice to receive all the messages of condolence both actual and electronic, so thank you to everyone.
Tonight the boys have gone to a barbecue by the Hutt River. That was pretty much all the information we had to go on, so it wasn't so easy to find where they were supposed to go and the Hutt River is quite long really! We also weren't sure what time it started. Rumours varied from 5.30 pm to 7pm. Eventually we found two other people who were looking for the bbq too. So they all decided to stay at the waterhole where we met and hope that the others would come there too! They do have a mobile phone with them and I haven't heard from them again so I guess it must all have worked out okay. I suppose I'll find out later!
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