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Funerals and weddings

It's been a very long day, full of frustration and waiting, but I don't want to dwell on that because I've stopped being exasperated and don't want to start feeling that way again. Right at the moment I'm thinking of Ringbark and all the family and friends in England, because any moment now the funeral will begin, I'm not there in body but I am in spirit.
We went up to church tonight for a pot luck dinner and pancakes. They did some pancake races which were really, really funny to watch, one pancake was lost irretrievably in the bushes! After all the frivolity was over the boys and I and a few church folk went over to the church and had a lovely little service to commemorate Marjorie's life, sort of a funeral without a body! It sounds quite strange, and I was really surprised when the priest suggested it, but it was nice and it was lovely that people came along to share our grief and memories. After the service we were invited back to Beverley's house and I sat and drank tea with Beverley and talked about art and learning! Meanwhile the boys were entertained by her son Stuart, and I'm pretty sure they weren't talking about art or learning!
The next important event after the funeral is sheaj34's wedding at the weekend, and once the funeral is over we will be able to look forward to her celebration and ringbark is lucky enough to be in England to share in that day too.
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