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In England

I don't really know where to start, writing this entry, I've been in England exactly one week now, but it feels much longer and so much has been happening at so many different levels.
It has been cold here and it has been snowing on and off for the last week though we haven't had any really heavy falls, elsewhere in the country schools and roads have been closed due to heavy snow. I have been staying at Mum's house but have also spent quite alot of time at Marjorie's house, cleaning and tidying and sorting. I've found this quite hard, not physically but emotionally, but the place is starting to look a lot better now.
Yesterday was Dad's funeral, it went very well, and seemed like a really fitting farewell for a most wonderful gentleman. It was a lovely service and there were plenty of people there including some family I haven't seen since my wedding day, and also some of Dad's friends from way back who I had never met before, they were really lovely people and I was so glad to have met them at last.
I have one more week here and still a lot that I want to do. Tomorrow is my birthday, though it will seem strange to celebrate it here away from Ian and the boys. At least I will be back in time for Christopher's birthday
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