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Time flies

I feel as if I've only just arrived here but already I'm starting to make arrangements for my journey home. Half of me just wants to be back in NZ with Ian and the boys, half of me wants to stay here a while longer, so no matter what, I'm going to be dissatisfied at some level!
On Saturday Mum, Alison and I went for a meal at the Dibbinsdale, which was very pleasant. Mum had an omelette, Alison had a chicken curry and I had scampi, and we all had coffee to finish. Angela came round with some lovely chocolates, and I'm going to make a valiant effort to finish them before I have to go! - I'm sure it won't be too difficult! I went to church yesterday which was lovely, I've done some more work at Marjorie's and tonight I'm round at Angela's and Andrew's. Tomorrow we are going to town in the morning and I'll probably go round to Marjorie's in the afternoon and do a last few bits and pieces there. A lot has happened during my time here, but there doesn't really seem to be much to write about, I suppose that's because such a lot of it is inside and very private
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