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Los Angelesl

Well here I am, another day and another airport. After a peaceful night at the Hilton Garden Inn I successfully negotiated the L.A. metro right across town to Universal Studios. It was exceptionally wet there all day, meaning that I didn't do as much there as I had hoped, but I am now a proud owner of another of those ghastly bright yellow ponchos they sell at theme parks on wet days! Still, it was $2 well spent because otherwise I would have been soaked to the skin. I got to see the new Van Helsing attraction today, and I thought it was an improvement on the Mummy walkthrough that occupied that space before. I had a pleasant day despite the weather and arrived at the airport in good time, unlike last time which was mad panic because of an incompetant taxi driver. Oh well, New Zealand here I come.


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Mar. 5th, 2005 04:20 am (UTC)
Glad to hear that all is well so far. It was pouring when I went back to USH the other week, but I *DID* get soaked. Are those things really only $2.
Looking forward to seeing you arrive home tomorrow, but worried that the tidy state of the house might not quite reach your exacting standards.
It may be that you won't get to see this comment till you are home, by which time you will already know what "not quite reach your exacting standards" means.
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