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The start of another week

Since I've arrived back, time has just whizzed by. On Friday I went on a trip to Victoria University with the GKP Friday class. They didn't need me for transport so I just went along for the ride, which was very pleasant and I enjoyed it lots. After school Matthew and Christopher had a music theory lesson.
On Saturday morning we were back up at Victoria University again, this time for the boys to take their music exams. While they were busy there, we went down into Wellington city centre to buy birthday cards and presents.
In the afternoon we were back in central Wellington for Chris's birthday celebration at i-play, followed by Burger King. Not long after that we were off to Raewyn's 50th party which was a pleasant affair.
Today mum called me early in the morning, just for a chat, all seems to be going okay with her, though she says the weather has been dreadful. Then we went to church. Kidz stuff went quite well today which was good and we had quite a good attendance too. After church we went to the Warehouse where I bought some weedkiller to spray the concrete area of our garden but couldn't find the new laundry basket I wanted to buy, but Chris managed to find some things to spend his birthday money on. After that I cleaned out one of the cupboards in the living room before going grocery shopping and cooking tea. Now I think I'll go and paint a picture!
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