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Back again

I just don't know where this week has gone but I don't seem to have written a livejournal entry since Sunday, and an awful lot has happened since then. My week at school has been dominated by trying to sort out my timetable for the NESB children which has been through four different drafts! I think it's finally sorted out! Otherwise school has been busy but mainly pleasant.
I have been out most evenings this week, Monday was Toastmasters, Tuesday was a Kidsgames planning meeting, Wednesday was a Board of Trustees Meeting. A highlight was having tea with Beverley and Dallas On Tuesday. A low point was that Christopher broke his glasses again which entailed two trips to Lower Hutt to the optician. The normally ten minute trip back home yesterday took me over an hour because State highway 2 was closed for 4 hours and all the highway traffic was on Eastern Hutt Road!
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