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It's late and I'm tired, but the computer has been in use ever since I arrived home this afternoon and I had to wait until everyone else had gone to bed to have a look at LJ! It was a pleasant laidback sort of day at GKP with activities mainly centred around the topic of "Survival". I went to youth group this evening and that was an even more laidback affair with karaoke and fish and chips.
Tomorrow I've got a planning meeting at church and a baby shower to go to in the afternoon. The latter will entail a trip to the shops in the morning. I also want to get out and spray the weeds in the garden and on the path first thing if it's dry enough and if the weather allows our neighbours friend is going to paint the rail on our balcony this weekend too. Sunday looks all set to be busy as well, but I try only to think about one day at a time, that way I don't feel too exhausted before I get anything done!!
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