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I had a busy but mainly productive and enjoyable weekend. On Saturday morning we went to Lower Hutt because I needed to buy a gift for a member of staff at school who is going to have a baby soon. In the afternoon I went to her baby shower which was a fun event where we played silly games and opened presents and ate too much nice food! On Sunday it was Palm Sunday and we had no Kidz Stuff, just every one in church making palm crosses and banners. After that there was a short rehearsal for the Good Friday play. In the afternoon I went to a tupperware party at a friends house. It's been a while since I've been to one, but nothing much has changed, I still ended up spending money I don't have on kitchenware I don't need!
Yesterday was an ordinary day at school and I went to Toast Masters in the evening where I got the Best Evaluators Award. Today the middle syndicate at school are going to the zoo. Today is also the day for parent teacher interviews at the boys college, so that should be fun! After that I'm going round to Beverley's house to paint.
Police cars keep gliding up and down our street (which is a no exit road) so I wonder what is happening this time!
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