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Ian's back

On Thursday just after 7am the boys and I set off to the airport to pick up Ian. We arrived there just before 8 o'clock despite the rush hour traffic, but Ian's plane was running 20 minutes late. It was really good to see Ian again and to catch up with all his news from the UK. The boys were glad to see him too. Today we've been catching up on really exciting things like washing. Ian and the boys have gone to Upper Hutt to the bank and to buy me a calligraphy pen to write some Toastmasters certificates for the Division conference tomorrow!


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Oct. 4th, 2002 12:30 pm (UTC)
Good to read that Ian is home, I'm sure the boys are making up for not seeing him these past few weeks.

Also see you've not changed your taste in music, I'm the same too. Except my Chris De Burgh collection is now all shop bought DVD's. Not like the days when I couldn't afford the music, but had a very kind friend who always had the latest tape and made sure I had my own too. Enjoy the weekend together as a family again!
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