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A good day

Yesterday was a good day. It started with a whole school assembly on the other site which took all the time until morning tea and we were even late back for that! The rest of my sessions were quite calm and enjoyable. Study Centre up ay the other site was good too. On Tuesday it was terrible, I had one girl who was incredibly disruptive and no one got much work done, Wednesday it was fine, the same children but it was completely different. The girl tells me she hadn't taken her medication on Tuesday, the problem is I don't know the children up there very well yet, so I didn't even know she needed medication! Still I feel much better about it now that I've had a really productive session up there.
In the evening the boys went to youth group and Ian and tidied the kitchen cupboard. Some how tidying the cupboard was quite fun in a strange sort of way. The oldest item we found was a packet from 2000, which we must have missed the last couple of times! The yuckiest item was a bag of apples which had started to go rotten and the funniest thing was when Ian picked up an open bag of pasta the wrong way up and pasta swirls went everywhere!
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