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Another weekend over

This has been a strange weekend, and I am ending it feeling strangely peaceful, as if I've been struggling to solve a very complicated puzzle, and none of the pieces would fit, then suddenly everything slotted into place and it all made sense. I can't talk about the details here, but tasks which I had to do, which have weighed down on me like a heavy burden for a few weeks now, suddenly were no longer a burden in fact they have been accomplished easily and brought me real satisfation. I'm glad there is only one more week of school but all the same I feel enthusiastic about life at the moment, even work! My weekend has been dominated by planning for KidsGames, a holiday programme which our church is running in the first week of the holidays. We have a lot of work to do to be ready, but we've achieved a lot this weekend, so I'm very hopeful that good things will happen. I've also painted a bit and am planning to spend Tuesday evening round at Beverley's and paint some more, which will be lovely. I have to plan my own farewell for youth group on Friday Night when I will officially be resigning from my leadership role. This will be the first of many farewells, and I await it with great trepidation, I don't know how I'll feel when I explain why I'm going, I just hope I can keep myself together and tell my story well.
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