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A whole heap of emotions are coursing through me at the moment, a strange mixture of excitement, sadness, joy, hope and just a tinge of regret. It looks as though the principal has found a replacement for me in my ESOL role, so the plan is that my last week in that role will will be week 1 of term 2, (my choice of timing) but suddenly it seems so very close. I know that is what I need to do to be ready for the move and I'm loooking forward to having a bit more time on my hands but it will be sad all the same. I'll still be at school most days for a while because there is noone to take on my Study Centre role yet.
Yesterday our little autistic boy at school had a major epileptic seizure, he was taken to hospital where he had a second seizure, he was struggling to breathe and a cardiac team was standing by when the teacher aides who work with him left the hospital yesterday afternoon. I really hope he's alright.
I caught up with my friend Jude who I hadn't seen for a long time last night, which was nice.
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