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Another weekend over

Well what a strange weekend it has been, what with the terrific storm last night and tidying and shopping, and my mind half here and half already on its way to England. It's freezing here tonight, bitterly so, I guess it must be the start of Winter! My freezer contains several cups of hail which the boys gathered during the storm last night. The weather has been a source of both excitement and frustration these past two days and I guess that is representative of how I'm feeling just now, both excited and frustrated and maybe just a little sad. There is still heaps to do before we are ready to go and it's hard to keep up the enthusiasm for tidying and sorting and cleaning, so much of it is just continuous grind and there are so many other things to think about and so many people I want to see and spend time with too, it's so hard to get the balance right sometimes. Still there lots to be happy about too, the new laptops will be great especially during the time when we are moving and would otherwise be computerless and we bought three new suitcases today as well which means we have a suitcase each for the trip. Yesterday I cleaned my oven which was a horrible job and long overdue, but I feel really good now that it is done. I also rehung the curtains in our bedroom and they look much better now. This will be a short and very busy week and then it's back to school, but I'll try to make the most of it and have some good time with the bioys as well as getting more work done around the house.
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