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The holidays are nearly gone!

Well it's Friday morning and the holidays are almost over. We have our first quote from a moving company and are waiting on one more so we have a comparison of costs. Yesterday was a reasonably successful day as we managed to successfully transfer all the items from the shed to sensible locations within the house so my living room no longer looks like a junk yard! Matthew's friend Scott is staying the night, they talked till very late last night so I don't imagine they will surface very early this morning. I have KidsGame meeting this afternoon and then we have the closing ceremony in town tomorrow. I'm not really looking forward to it but I'm sure it will be enjoyable once we are there! Tonight we are invited to a friends house for dinner which will be lovely. Yesterday I also locked my keys in the car so I had to ask my neighbour to give me a lift to my evening meeting in Lower Hutt. My test speeech for their evaluation contest went well and Karl was able to give me a lift home and when he got home Ian retrieved my keys from the car so all is well even if the boys do think I'm a stupid woman!That's all for now more later!
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