Viv (vivh) wrote,

Ian's Birthday

It was Ian's birthday today. We went to church this morning. It was a very gloomy, damp morning but it was warm inside the church hall. David did a reading from Romans in the service and Ian played a very enigmatic Jesus. I thought that I had a week off but I ended up having to do Kidzstuff anyway and the only room available was the kitchen! Oh well. After church I talked to Ian Ralston about the idea of hiring a violin for David, at $3 per week this sounds quite feasible. When we got home we did a veritable mound of washing up. Then we went to Lower Hutt to see the movie "Minority Report". It was quite good and the boys enjoyed it more than I thought they would. As I succeeded in persuading Ian that he would like curry for his birthday tea, we then all enjoyed an excellent meal at Mr India. The boys have gone to bed now and Ian has gone to the dairy to buy some milk and things, so with any luck I might fit in a quick game of Galactic Battlegrounds before bedtime! That's all for now, more tomorrow.
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